What makes me different!

My name is Stanley and I perform magic and make impossible bottles. I’m 18 years old and based in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been performing magic since I was 10 and making bottles since I was 14. I make my bottles very carefully and put a lot of time and meticulous effort into each and every bottle that leaves my home. I present nothing but the best quality for my customers, and hope you guys appreciate them as much as I do!

Here is an article written about me on Kardify! 

5 Things You Didn't Know About Stanley's Impossible Bottles

You can see some of my bottles featured and sold  by many brands and influencers, such as

Art of Play 

Expert Playing Card Company / Jerry's Nuggets Campaign

Murphy's Magic

Penguin Magic

Invictus Magic 

Tannen's Magic Shop (Only In-Store)

King of Cards 


Galaxy Decks


52Kards (Coming Soon)


Alex Pandrea (Coming Soon)



Birger Karlsson


Adam Borderline


Organic Playing Cards

Anna DeGuzman 


Black Roses Playing Cards/Daniel Schneider 

Jarek 1:20


Kevin Li

and many more in the process on either their instagram or website!

What differentiates my bottles from others is the uniqueness of mine. My bottles are all circular. I never really liked the square milk bottles, where you cant look at the deck from the front cleanly. Also all decks fit the bottle perfectly. Most other bottles allow the deck to move up and down the bottle because of the amount of space. AND my biggest unique thing I have to offer, is that every single bottle that leaves my home, comes with a custom cork with my logo burnt at the top which shows you, you are holding an authentic Stanley Impossible Bottle!