Fontaine Future Bottle + Deck Collection by Stanley Yashayev

Fontaine Future Bottle + Deck Collection by Stanley Yashayev

NEW You can now add-on an extra deck to your bottle orders. Deck+Bottle Options available for some listings!


Fontaine Future Bottle + Deck Collection  



  • Parrot Fontaine Impossible Bottle + Parrot Fontaine 
  • Floral Fontaine Impossible Bottle + Floral Fontaine
  • Window Fontaine Impossible Bottle + Window Fontaine 
  • Glitch Fontaine Impossible Bottle + Glitch Fontaine
  • 500 Fontaine Impossible Bottle + 500 Fontaine


Impossible Bottles of all of the Fontaine Futures Playing Cards with Cellophane/Factory Seal inside a glass bottle that is non-tampered with, not altered in any way, and a glass mouth’s diameter smaller than the deck inside.


The decks are still in their cellophane plastic wrap.


The glass has not been cut, melted, formed around the cards, or altered in any way! Guaranteed!


The sealed decks of cards actually have gone in through the neck of the bottle!


Bottled by Stanley Yashayev and comes with a custom cork with my logo burnt on the top


*Disclaimer* These are expensive based on the fact that the prices on the second hand market are very high, I have a limited number of these, and I woud be more than happy to keep them to myself!